Tree and Sod Installation in Billings, MT

Tree and Sod Installation in Billings, MT

Have a new lawn thanks to our expert sod installation services

Do you dream of having the perfect outdoor space with a beautiful green lawn? Your dreams can become a reality and you don’t have to wait for the grass to grow. You can have a lawn to enjoy immediately by using the sod installation services of S & B Landscaping in Billings, MT. Our sod is installed to give you a lawn that is both beautiful and durable and we provide additional services to make sure it stays green longer.

Once the sod is installed, we recommend consistent lawn care and maintenance to preserve the health of the lawn and to ensure continued growth. Contact S & B Landscaping for more information about our landscaping services.

Contact a professional landscape designer for tree installation

Adding trees to the landscape around your home can provide a variety of benefits ranging from increased privacy to much desired shade during the warmer months. S & B Landscaping has the knowledge and experience to provide the tree installation services to meet your needs. Contact our team today for more information.